Pamiri Wedding

My first Pamiri wedding! I’m writing all of this down on the computer, because my journal is hopefully on a truck on its way to MSDSP (getting weary about that).  I arrived in a large room, with tables on all the sides and a huge dance floor in the middle.  Food was already on the table, and people began to eat as soon as they arrived.  After a few moments the bride and groom entered to a live band.  They then sat at the head table with a best man and maid of honour on each side.  I was told that the religious ceremony happened a few days ago, but the couple was still not allowed to live together.  So here in the restaurant they signed the legal documents.  The rest of the guests (150 max. in GBAO as a by-law) ate and danced for three hours (also the maximum time limit as set out in a by-law).

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