I find strength in your presence.

This season can be difficult. It is dark more than it is light, and many of the seasonal rituals that help us cope with this time are stark reminders of what I have lost this year. It has become easy to focus on the void and loss.
I decided to be kind to myself today and take it a bit easy and take advantage of the day’s light – which started with a run around our little lake with the rising sun.
I stopped in front of a birch tree on the lake’s edge and looked out at the water – where a very thin layer of ice had formed over night. The icy stillness gave way to a dark silhouette of pine forest on the other side, reaching into a dull orange sunrise. My perspective from warrior pose drew my gaze to the birch branches, whose frosty contours shimmered brightly against the dark pine silhouette in concentric rings – an ephemeral eternity. I was reminded then that you are with me.

And I find strength in your presence.


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