Non-disruptive-innovation is a key assumption for energy projection says BP vice president

I found a few comments made by the vice president of BP, Christof Ruehl, in front of a packed Cambridge crowd today shocking (probably naive of me to have expected anything more).  The talk on The Future of Energy featured David MacKay, Scientific Advisor for Dept. of Energy and Climate Change and author of ‘Sustainable Energy-Without the Hot Air’ along with Ruehl.

BP’s take home message was: the future is uncertain, so we can only assume that which is certain. One of those key assumptions is that we cannot assume that innovation will occur. Oh yeah, and he prefaced the entire discussion around OECD and non-OECD countries, because he wasn’t comfortable with the term “developing countries” and well, obviously the world revolves around oil.

  • I know this is to be expected, but still, coal, gas and oil are coloured green, while renewables are red-toned in all the energy charts…
  • Ruehl also compared Europe’s 1970 nuclear political approval and subsidies to today’s renewables sector… fear factor?!
  • Convergence and standardization of values is driving the process of reduced energy consumption (as if it is a necessary end of industrialization)
  • On the contrary, he promotes diversification among energy sources as a source of resilience. Why the contraction Mr. Ruehl?

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