I hope these berries are OK to eat…

I hope these berries are OK to eat…
I hope this water is OK to drink…
I hope this severely eroded hillside is OK to climb…
I hope this food we are eating with these random men is OK…

Sitting in our landlady’s fruit garden studying our Tajik notes, we are being attacked by white mulberries. These mulberries are very sweet and tasty, but Allison said they look like Larvae…so I’m a bit turned off. Today we hiked up to the botanical garden of Khorog, the 2nd highest botanical garden in the world. The trek there was long and hot and dusty. We cut off the road and hiked straight up a beachy-looking hillside…we survived. The gardens themselves are quite wild and we ate lots of fruit off the fruit trees. Cherries, white, red and black mulberries, apricots, sour un-ripe apples and some strange little red berries… I tried them all. Hopefully I’ll survive. We also ran out of water, so we just drank water coming out of a hose up there… hopefully we’ll survive. On our way back, we were invited by some old men eating lunch getting drunk on the roadside to join them in their feast. We did. Although we were able to avoid the rancid looking looking chicken and just ate their watermelon. Somehow, with a few tajik words, we were able to have a fun conversation with them. After our watermelon feast, we headed back on the road to Khorog. Thankfully after not to long as mini-bus stopped to offer us a ride, which at that point we were more than happy to accept!
Our Sunday was topped off with hand-washing all of our laundry, making hummus and dinner (chick peas and pasta) and apricot jam! We’ll see how the jam turns out…we have neither lemon nor gelatin. I expect it will be sweet soupy mess, but it will definitely beat the dry non with nothing on it we’ve been eating every morning.
Also, check out my roomies blog, she has a link to tons of awesome photos! Which her techno-perseverance has allowed her to link to flickr.


One Response to I hope these berries are OK to eat…

  1. A R K says:

    I am very impressed with the look of your apricote jam. Has it made your non bread taste better than you expected or not? Must be quite the feat making jam on a one burner hot plate.

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